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Press Release:

Sugar Babe Los Angeles Releases Flagship Line of Nail Lacquer Formulated Free Of Dangerous Chemicals

Company Succeeds in Creating Popular Hollywood Look-Without Harmful Chemicals 

Los Angeles, Calif., April 1, 2015.  After more than a year in development, executives from Sugar Babe Los Angeles ( HYPERLINK "" today announced the release of the company’s flagship line of nail polish, formulated to create a true Hollywood look while remaining free of harsh chemicals commonly found in most other nail polish brands.


Today’s announcement was considered welcome news by many who were seeking a professional quality nail lacquer look but were concerned by the potential damage from the long-term use of harsh chemicals.


“Our high-end nail lacquer truly is a revolutionary product,” said company founder, and European cover girl model, Beril Akcay.  “For months now, we have been working closely with our development lab to create a line of high quality nail polish that would be free from harmful and dangerous chemicals.  I’m proud to say that we did it, the Sugar Babe Los Angeles line of nail polishes are completely free from three of the most common dangerous chemicals currently found in most nail polish brands – Toluene, Formaldehyde, and DBP.”


The Sugar Babe Los Angeles nail polish was formulated to achieve a glossy vibrant “Gel Look” without the potential gel damage that may occur from chemicals.  The product line is vegan, not tested on animals, and made in the USA, under specific manufacturing guidelines.


Today’s announcement from Sugar Babe Los Angeles came as the company began accepting orders through their online website, and began taking inquiries from exclusive salons who wished to carry the Sugar Babe Los Angeles line as an alternative for their customers.  Customers, salons, and distributors can choose from 14 beautiful, vibrant, custom colors.


“We succeeded in creating a beautiful and bold ‘Hollywood Look’ from a nail lacquer that is safe to use.  If people using ordinary nail polish really knew just how dangerous these chemicals actually are, I’m certain that they would think twice before ever using them again,”  Added Akcay. “That’s why we created the Sugar Babe Los Angeles line of nail products, we simply wanted to offer a ‘Hollywood Look’ from a safe product.”

About Sugar Babe Los Angeles:  

Based in Costa Mesa, California, Sugar Babe Los Angeles is committed to bringing the highest quality beauty products to market that are free from harsh chemicals, never tested on animals, and made in the USA.  The company accepts orders on its website at  HYPERLINK "" and can be followed on Instagram at  HYPERLINK ""